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I was leaving Alice Springs for Darwin on a friday. It seemed as if I got a job, and I was gonna have my answer during this friday.
The first thing that struck me in Darwin was the heat. I've never had heat this way!!! <3 <3 <3 In this heat I had to look around and figure out how to get a so called Ochre card. Here in Northern Territory, it's illegal to hire anyone  for work that involves kids without this card, wich is a record check. Only thing, when my application is prossesed, I'm probably done working, so it seemes a bit of waste. At least I will have the papers to prove that I applied for it. I waited all night for a reply on the job, and finally, lait in the evening I got a mail, telling me the job was mine. The next four weeks, I'm staying at a cattle station called Numul Numul close to Mataranka, working there as an assistant/PA. Only thing left to do was booking my Greyhound ticked, and the next day my staying in Darwin was over, I was on my way. I'm gonna see what total isolation is like for four weeks!

From Darwin to Mataranka, it took me about six hours and a bit. In Mataranka, I was met by Claire, my boss to be s Mom. The first night, I was gonna spend as Moira's parents, Claire and Mike at their cattle station Coodardie. I came in to what seemed to me as the weirdest house I've ever seen. The house was very nice, the thing that made it weird to me was that the walls and roof was of metal instead of wood or bricks. It was a hight class metal house. =) Gotta love the fact that I got my own room, my own bed and last but not least my own bathroom!

The next day we were gonna drive down to Numul Numul, and I got to be a passenger in a truck built to move cattle from place to place. This was my first of what was gonna be a swag of "this is the first time I've ever" moments. Around two hours later we arrived at Numul, and I got to meet Moira my boss, her husband Colin, the two boys I was nannying, Moiras brother Patrick and moiras uncle Rory. This place was nothing like anything I've ever seen before, Claire had told me not to expect the same as at Coodardie, but to be honest, I had no idea of what to expect. Everything out here is different. It's not a "house", but as the family call it, a shed, and the whole family lived here. I was gonna stay at the neighbour shed for the next four weeks, and make it my home.

In my journal that night I wrote:
Sunday, november 6

At this moment, I'm dying of heat . I have arrived, and I'm sitting in my bed. I just learned that the fan in the roof is turned off during the night, so I wonder exactly how warm it's gonna be. Just to say it, it's still 30 degrees outside. I've got my own toilett, but I a bit scared to use it, in case it wount flush. There are theese nast frogs occupating the toilet, I had to remove four of them to take a pea. There is a taste of the dirt in the water, and I assume because of the heat, there is no cold water from the tapper. During the day, I took part in "torturing" cows, and I feel aweful about it. I was giving burning iron to Moira, so she could mark the cows. I've seen calfs been put in some sort of a gate, getting their head stuck, so they could have their horns sawed of. It looked painful. My job was to cut of the tail hairs, so they could work out witch ones was vacsinated or not. 
I'm loving it to be honest, I think I'm gonna have the best time out here. I seemes like I'm gonna have the chanse to both drive a quadbike, and a car. AWESOME!!! It's so much to learn, and I better take advantage of what this experience have to offer. The boys are adorable. Moira told me a bit more about what my job will involve, I think I'm gonna be fine. Tomorrow is my firs official day at work. I'm both scared, and looking forward to it!

The next morning i realised that the frogs in my toilet dosen't croak like normal frogs. They bark like dogs. They freak me out, sometimes jumping out from no where, and I got my self a few tool to get them out without touching them. Luckily, they are flushable... =) I was fine sleeping without the fan in the roof on, the heat dosent bug me. 
The day started with me coming up to the yards and the cattle. I was still in charge of the tails, and burning iron. New this day, was that the bull calfs was to be castratet. This was nothing like a walk on the sunshine by that, there wasen't even anesthesia involved, but it was quickly done and over with. At least I can say I know how a pair of testicles looke like on the inside! Of all the burning, vacsination and such thats done with the cattle, the castration lookes like the least painful though. The bulls are standing still, and not making a sound while their balls are lost, and they are maid in to steers.

One of Moira's thumbs got injured, and I got the responsibility of holding two of the bulls still while they got castrated. I was standing there, as my eyes got a bit wet, wispering sorry over and over again as I saw their manlyhood got cut away ball by ball... After that, I was allright to give the earmarking a go. This means cutting a pattern in to their ear. This was actually the one giving me the most chills, as the sissors didn't look so sharp. I got to try burnmarking a bull, his name acording to Moira's brother, was now Therese. Haha.  Moira told me that she was some kind of a fertilising expert (don't know if that ws the excact term), one of the jobs this involved was taking spermtests of the bulls. I couldn't help myself, I had to ask. "Beastiallity" was a fact, with rectum stimulation. haha

At first I didn't put this in the norwegian version of this blog, I thought I did, and it will defently be added in now, when I realised that I forgot. Moira pointed it out after my first day up in the yards, as I was a bit in shock of all the new things I saw, and I would like to point it out here aswell. Nothing being done to this animals is being done to be cruel, or because cattle station workers have a sadistic need to hurt the animals. Everything is being done because it is nessesary, and also everything is being done as humaly as possible. And none of the animals suffer in any way. I'm surpriced myself how quickley and effective the prosess of things that are painful are done, and especially the castration.

I got to know the boys a bit more. They can be a bit sceptical, but that's allrigt, after all, I'm a complete stranger. They get more use to me everyday. The oldest a thinker, very considerent, the yongest a entertainer, thats the impression. They are both extreemley charming, and nothing like the spoiled kids in Sydney!

At the time I'm writing this, I've been at Numul for a week. i feel like I got to know all of them a bit better. I was right, I absolutely love it out her, even though, things are complete different to everything I'm used to. In the kindergarden in Norway forexample, we have a set of rules that apply for everyone. I learned quickley that working with two boys as supose to 15-16 kids. Here it's not that important to sit so extreemley nicely at the table, it's not that important if you put your fingers in your mouth, to put them back in to the food, everyone can share a waterbottle, and reaching the toilet in time isn't that big of a deal. It works out here, it gives moore freedom in a way, while in the kindergarden that would mean compleete chaos. I imagine I can be a bit more strict then what they are used to, but as we get to know each other, that will work it self out perfectly fine. 

For me, the has been a super exciting week. I got to do a lot. One of my favourites must be to come with to get an orphan calf who now live in the back yard, and feed it with a bottle. That was an experience with a capital E for this city girl. Baby Calf is constanley hungry, but you have to be careful overfeeding it, so it is fed three times a day. At all other times, it will suck on anything it can reach. I'm surpriced I haven't got hickeys on my knees!

I got to see a tiny bit of them driving the cattle from one paddock to an other. It was about a 20km journey, and the ones driving the cattle were doing it from a quad bike each. (In Norway we call that an ATV) Mike, Moira's dad would be around the age of my granpa, and he was one hell of a driver. I get a good laugh, comparing him to old Grandpa, thinking that the only thing on four wheels he can operate is the electrical wheelchair moped he got, and picturing him on that thing out here. =D

So even though everything is complete different to me, and sometimes I feel like I'm in a backward contrie, I just love, can't say it enough. There is no where I would like to be at the moment now, than this place close to Mataranka!

Friday was my last day working before I got the weekend of. Well, things don't allways go as planned out here. A short "realxing" day turned out to be a full day, due to a bushfire. Luckely theese boys know how to play well together, so I got to breathe ones in a while. On saturday, the fire had escaladed, and bether safe than sorry, the three of us went up to Coodardie Station again, to be with Claire. On our way up there, we had a stop at a small mango farm. Guess who got to do a bit of fruitpicking in 40 degrees? And it was for the cattle!!! haha! We got a swag of mango for ourselves as well, so I didn't mind. =)

So now I'm sitting here at Coodardie, and wondering about my traveling insurance. Would it cover things lost in a bushfire if it would come to that? I'm hoping this is over soon, and we can go back to Numul, so everything can be normal again. And I kind of prefer Numul, cause I get more of the felling of "being at a cattle staion" atmosphere there, even if one could say the luxury level is a bit lower. I actually miss the barking frogs in my toilet a bit! haha



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